To be the best, it takes passion, determination and vision.

So lets start with the eLED™ philosophy behind every product. Each and every eLED product needs to full fill 4 simple criteria: –

  1. Every product must have a minimum of 2 years warranty (24 hrs) .
  2. Energy saving must be 75% over florescent technology and 95% over incandescent.
  3. Must be hassle free in both installation and maintenance.
  4. Brightness must be equivalent or better

So lets compare the eLED™ product against the common 18W Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL) or 100W Incandescent : –

  • Replaced with 2.5W eLED bulb (84% savings compared to CFL, 97.5% over incandescent)
  • Dimmable and only gets warm to the touch even inside an enclosed casing (Cooler and voltage tolerant, capable of withstanding 2 years 24hrs usage)
  • Comes in standard E27 or PLC socket (easy to install, just remove the old and put in the new)
  • 180° wide angle and better light penetration (performs better than CFL and Incandescent)

To add on more to the eLED™ brand experience, we have our passionate lighting specialists with vast experiences in designing lighting for both housing and commercial projects on standby to assist you for free and a dedicated installation team to give further assurances to any problems that may occur in using any eLED™ products.

Lighting consultants, quality LED products and strong technical support makes up the eLED™ brand experience.

Best part is, eLED™ products are also affordable.

It is through this mix that drives the whole eLED™ team and be the leader in both product and service, now and in the future.

A brand that Malaysians can be proud of.