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What to expect in 2014 electricity bills

posted December 19, 2013

What to expect in 2014 electricity bills

Electricity tariffs is going up by 15% in 2014

Lets calculate how much does this impact us. Assuming a typical terrace house with 40 lights, 30 of which are used 12 hours a day for a month at the current tariff of RM 0.454 per kWh (current highest). Numbers in bracket indicate the 15% increase next year.

18W CFL will costs : RM 88.26 (+RM13.24) = RM 101.50
10W Competitor LED : RM 49.03 (+RM7.35) = RM 56.38
2.5W eLED : RM 12.26 (+RM 1.84) = RM 14.10

Luckily for our clients that have gone green with eLED, as far as lighting is concerned, the increase in tariff next year has the smallest impact compared to even other competitor LEDs.

Even comparing with our competitors, eLED saves 75% more. With a 3 year warranty, its savings guaranteed.

Take the opportunity to go green with eLED today. Help save our planet and save your wallet too.