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SMD LED Strips

LS24060A-02, 9.6W, 60 LED/m

Category: SMD LED Strips

Product Specification
Product CodeLS24060A-02
Power Consumption9.6W per/m
Voltage InputDC 24v
Socket TypeDirect Connection
Light Angle140°
Equivalent To36W T8 / 28W T5
Available ColorsDaylight / Warm White / RGB
IP Code30 / 65
Warranty3 Years

This is the eLED 2nd generation LED strip lighting that is both brighter and can be used up to 36m using 1 transformer. Unlike the common 12v LED strips in the market that require a transformer for every 5m (usually sold in 5m reel and bundled with 1 transformer), this eLED light strip can be extended to 36m.

Simply put, one single transformer or lighting point can cover the entire light box (cost savings in electrical looping points) and the transformer can also be hidden up to 4m away from the start of the LED strip.

Benefits including: –

  1. Energy saving, 14.4W per m compared to 36W T8 or 28W T5.
  2. No more wavy light and dark patches caused by overlapping of florescent tubes.
  3. Lower maintenance as only requires only 1 transformer.
  4. Cheaper installation costs due to usage of only 1 installation point unlike florescent that requires multiple points.

To determine which transformer is suitable for your strip length, please refer here.

Below are some of the projects done using this 2nd generation LED strip.