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First City University College (LED Projects)

posted July 28, 2016

This is one of our latest LED Projects to date as it helps showcases eLED’s ingenuity in giving cost effective solutions to their problems. 1st Nationwide Group engaged eLED to resolve their lighting issues on their First City University College foyer which was dimly lit. Helping to save in electricity while saving the environment at.....Read More

Monash University (LED Projects)

posted July 30, 2015

eLED was tasked to redesign the current Intelligent Lighting Laboratory at Monash University Sunway to become a lab show piece featuring beautiful lighting designs and technologies such as wireless light switches and dimming. This is one of our featured LED Projects as no other LED company has ever designed a lab fit for aspiring PhD.....Read More

Petroleum Geo Services (LED projects)

posted July 30, 2015

Taking the opportunity to document this data centre’s transformation as shown below using eLED’s proven Green LED range of products. This project joins over 2,000 LED Projects using eLED’s green series products and services. While most LEDs save about 50%, eLED pushes the boundaries towards 80%-90% hence if any of our clients can’t save electricity using.....Read More

Japan Club Kuala Lumpur @ Taman Seputeh (LED Projects)

posted November 14, 2013

Update (May 2016) The key question as to how does eLED vs other brands perform after 4 years? The eLED team went back to take check on the hall lighting that was installed during Phase 2 in 2012 and the before and after can be seen below. Phase 4 (Aug 2014) The final phase was again.....Read More

AIA Stallion Group @ Jln Batai Klang (LED Projects)

posted November 11, 2013

AIA Stallion Group based in Klang, went environment friendly early 2013 through the use of eLED products and now joins one of over 2,000 LED Projects using eLED’s product and services. In addition to energy saving, the client requested to also improve the overall brightness as it is found to be slightly dim for working. After.....Read More