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Viligia @ Viva Home (LED Projects)

posted November 11, 2013

Viligia @ Viva Home (LED Projects)

Viligia @ Viva Home is another our (LED Projects) that has taken a big step in going green. Their nature of business is on selling Iranian wood furniture thus uses a lot of warm white colors to help bring out the rich texture and color of the wood furnishings.

In this project, eLED has converted from using 40 units of Philips 24W CFL bulb to eLED D2704C-02 (4.5W) and 10 units of 50W halogen to eLED 3W MR16.

The entire lighting has been changed on Mid May 2012.

Below are the statistics while using conventional 24W CFL.

  • 2-3x bulb changes per month = RM20 x 3 = RM60.00
  • Electricity bill per day = RM 18.00
  • Bill per month = RM540.00

After changing to eLED bulbs except 35 units of track spot light still using 50W halogen.

  • Zero bulb changes
  • Electricity bill per week day = RM 6.50, Weekend (With spot light) = RM 10.00
  • Bill per month = RM210.00

LED Projects - Viligia


Before & After Photos (LED Projects)

Below are the before and after photos that demonstrates improved brightness, light penetration and angle while saving 83% of electricity for each bulb.

Another key area is the color of the light. Most clients dislike the warm white color produced by fluorescent as it is deemed too yellow towards orange in color. Having a warm white that is too orange yellow, makes the entire area looks dim and unappealing.

eLED’s warm white color after years of studying has perfected the warm white color that emanates light similar to a morning sun (bright vibrant yellow light). This type of warm white helps brightens the entire room while giving vibrance to the room and furnishings.

LED Projects - Viligia


LED Projects - Viligia