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PSI In-Control Factory (LED Projects)

posted July 30, 2016

PSI In-Control Factory (LED Projects)

This is one of our latest LED Projects in providing the most unique solution that saves over 80%, provides 2-4x the brightness while greatly lowering maintenance costs. Most factories are embarked in using hi-bay LED that is big and bulky and uses anything between 100W-150W but eLED found a unique solution in achieving the same brightness while using only 50W.

Cost of the product is also lower as the entire light unit doesn’t require any cover (the beam angle is customized to 60 degrees hence does not require a cover to help focus the light) and large heat sink thus making it a cost effective solution as well. Another successful LED Projects by eLED.

Comparison Side By Side (LED Projects)

PSI Before and After2

Before changes 6 x 250W (1500W @ RM 6,688 per year)

After changes 6 x 50W (300W @ RM 1,337 per year)

eLED manage to save RM 5,351 per year x 3 years warranty = RM 16,053 (Expected lifespan of 5 years saving RM 26,755 worth of electricity, not factoring replacement savings) all while giving 4x the initial brightness.

The added brightness is enhanced by the height reduction of 10ft hence if compared using the same height, the brightness improvements will be 1.5x-2x. This is another energy saving option when the factory can afford to lower the lights thus able to achieve close 300 lux which is up to the brightness of a standard office.

Using metal halide, it will require 500W and above in similar heights to achieve the same result.

In summary, eLED is able to boost brightness by 4x while reducing 80% worth of energy and with eLED’s proven durability of 24hrs up to 5 years, it becomes very profitable in going green.