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Petroleum Geo Services (LED projects)

posted July 30, 2015

Petroleum Geo Services (LED projects)

Taking the opportunity to document this data centre’s transformation as shown below using eLED’s proven Green LED range of products. This project joins over 2,000 LED Projects using eLED’s green series products and services.

While most LEDs save about 50%, eLED pushes the boundaries towards 80%-90% hence if any of our clients can’t save electricity using eLED’s product, there is no other LED that could.

Additional to the savings will be air-conditioning as eLED’s green series products produces 30-40% less heat. Have a before and after comparisons alongside the lux measurement.

Through this project, the client is able to reduce their monthly electricity consumption from RM 1,000 per month to RM 300+ per month and this has been consistent since the change to eLED products. This reduction is inclusive of the air-conditioning savings from the low heat load from eLED products (40-50% cooler than other LED brands).

Before & After Photos (LED Projects)

Portfolio - PGS Reception Area

The reception area consumes 166W of power is reduced to 20W, a savings of 88% while boosting brightness by 30%.

Portfolio - PGS Office Area

For an office area, the lux level should be between 400-500 lux which is achieved by changing to eLED (+ 30% brightness) while saving over 89% or 575W (645W-> 70W)

Portfolio - PGS Tape Library Room

1,638W (before) to 312W (After) and improving the brightness by over 25% using the eLED 8W T8.  The lux before changing to eLED 8W is greatly insufficient as the normal lux requirement for any working environment is between 300 lux to 500 lux. After changing allowed the lux levels to achieve 318 lux which is an ideal lux level.

In conclusion, eLED is able to bring up the brightness to an acceptable levels (300 lux and above while cutting down the total lights used) and able to also reduce their monthly electricity bill by on average 70%.