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Monash University (LED Projects)

posted July 30, 2015

Monash University (LED Projects)

eLED was tasked to redesign the current Intelligent Lighting Laboratory at Monash University Sunway to become a lab show piece featuring beautiful lighting designs and technologies such as wireless light switches and dimming. This is one of our featured LED Projects as no other LED company has ever designed a lab fit for aspiring PhD students in designing the future of LED lightings.

Portfolio- Monash Lighting Lab (Before)

LED Projects – The original lighting lab design.


Portfolio - Monash Living Room


This is the living room simulation to test various light colors projects undertaken by their current students pursuing their PhD. The new living room feature 6 custom built light testing platforms that can brought down to place test equipment and then locked back up to the ceiling via electro-magnetic locking mechanism. This test platform is fully designed and fabricated by eLED and is a testament to our strength in providing solutions from homes up to university labs.


Portfolio- Monash Lab (After)


This is the new Intelligent Lighting Laboratory at Monash University Sunway. The design made use of the ugly square air-conditioning ducting as part of the new unique ceiling design turning what was an eye sore into a modern ceiling artwork.

Unlike many others that tried to secure this project, eLED stood out due to our vast experience and knowledge not only to produce quality LED products but to also know how to implement and design to meet and in most cases exceed the client’s requirements.

eLED – The true LED Lighting experts.