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Hunter Douglas @ Jln Maarof (LED Projects)

posted November 11, 2013

Hunter Douglas @ Jln Maarof (LED Projects)

eLED has the opportunity to design Hunter Douglas‘s latest showroom at Jalan Maarof.  This was a challenging project as the lighting was already completed when eLED took over the lighting project. Their previous 5W LED spotlight was insufficient to highlight the product display. eLED went through the lighting plan and replace the 5W spot light with eLED’s 6W spot light. Its brightness is 30% even though its consuming only an additional 1W. Testament to the quality that we put into our products.

Unlike many companies, eLED comes into every situation with one purpose in mind which is to resolve the lighting issues as economically as possible. With this being said, for this project, only specific spot lights that has been identified to have the most impact are changed. The rest remained as original. This gave the owner a perfect balance of resolving their lighting issues while being economical at the same time.

After Photos (LED Projects)

LED Projects - Hunter Douglas Sample Photo 1a
 The beautiful blinds display, highlighted by eLED’s 6W.

 LED Projects - Hunter Douglas Sample Photo 2a

Individual blinds being evenly illuminated with 2 x 6W eLED spot lights.

LED Projects - Hunter Douglas Sample Photo 3a

Like a photo out of a wall paper, this beautifully designed lighting that perfectly brings out the blinds.

LED Projects - Hunter Douglas Sample Photo 4a

The office, beautifully brought to life as well as being usable for work.

LED Projects - Hunter Douglas LED Strip Comparison

Comparisons between our flagship eLED strip vs T8 36W