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Floor Depot @ Viva Home (LED Projects)

posted November 11, 2013

Floor Depot @ Viva Home (LED Projects)

Floor Depot @ Viva has commissioned eLED to help with their general lighting for their showrooms due to their ceiling height of 15ft. One of the earlier LED projects completed by eLED.

The existing lamps they found to be insufficiently bright plus it fails often. This is an existing outlet that was designed to give a homely feeling to their clients hence limited use of track lights and mostly general lighting that is used to illuminate the flooring.

Below are the photos that the eLED team manage to take at the Floor Depot showroom at Viva Home to highlight the comparisons between the conventional 20W Osram vs eLED 4.5W, both @ 15ft high ceiling.

Before & After Photos (LED Projects)

The light meter is placed on the meeting room table to do a brightness reading at table height.

The result is :-

Osram 20W CFL @ table height = 63.9 lux.

eLED 4.5W @ table height = 151 lux.

An improvement of 87.1 lux at a distance of approximately 12ft from ceiling to table thus proving that CFL lights although bright lack the penetration power that the eLED bulbs has.

Based on the results above, the eLED 4.5W is almost double what the 20W CFL has to offer while consuming a fraction of the power.

Another testament of eLED’s quality products that is brighter, saves more energy and lasts longer than any other LED in the market today.