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First City University College (LED Projects)

posted July 28, 2016

First City University College (LED Projects)

This is one of our latest LED Projects to date as it helps showcases eLED’s ingenuity in giving cost effective solutions to their problems. 1st Nationwide Group engaged eLED to resolve their lighting issues on their First City University College foyer which was dimly lit. Helping to save in electricity while saving the environment at the same time.

Before and After Photos (LED Projects)

KBU (Before)Before Changes (508 Watts, RM 2,265 per year, Average 31 lux)

KBU (After) After Changes (142Watts, RM 633 per year, Average 60 lux)

In 5 years (eLED’s proven record of 5 years running 20-24hrs), the total energy saving is estimated to be RM 8,160.00 excluding maintenance savings. Only eLED is able to achieve this type of performance where the brightness is doubled while reducing power by over 70%.

No changes is done to the ceiling while upgrading their existing down light casing with a E27 screw socket (formerly PIN type). This was determined to be the most economical solution and was agreed by the client.

Below is the installation work at the 2nd Phase of this LED Projects which is for the main entrance, changing from 30W LED panel to a 15W eLED bulb (E27).

KBU installation

The installation works for the high ceiling area outside porch. Changes to eLED boosted brightness from 23 lux to 48 lux while reducing power consumption by 50% (30W LED before to 15W eLED after)

Even comparing LED to LED, eLED is able to save 50% more energy while doubling the overall brightness.