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AIA Stallion Group @ Jln Batai Klang (LED Projects)

posted November 11, 2013

AIA Stallion Group @ Jln Batai Klang (LED Projects)

AIA Stallion Group based in Klang, went environment friendly early 2013 through the use of eLED products and now joins one of over 2,000 LED Projects using eLED’s product and services.

In addition to energy saving, the client requested to also improve the overall brightness as it is found to be slightly dim for working.

After a through analysis, eLED will be replacing their existing down light 18W/24W PLC + ballast to a simple 2.5W and 4.5W eLED bulbs. By reusing back their existing casing, this will help reduce cost while minimizing waste (discarding existing casing).

Its wide angle also allows for a more even light distribution (see the wall) and brings out brilliant red of the office. This is also a good example on the tricky nature of dark flooring and how it makes our human eyes perceive that the room is darker than it actually is. This is of course easily resolved with the 4.5W eLED bulb.

Below are the comparison before and after to highlight not only there are guaranteed 3 year savings with eLED products but also its brightness is there where you need it most, at table height.

Before and After Photos (LED Projects)

LED Projects - AIA Stalion Group Comparison

The overall brightness has greatly improved especially at the walls and table (working areas) thus able to achieve 300 lux at the table.  All this is done by reducing power consumption from lighting by 80%.