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LED Savings – How much do you actually save with LED?

posted September 18, 2014

LED Savings – How much do you actually save with LED?

Cost increaase 2013-2018


So how does this effect you? How much is it to run 20 down lights for 12 hours a day for a year?

  • 18W CFL will cost RM 953.96 and
  • 12W LED Panel RM 635.98 to run 12hrs per year.

Using 12W LED savings is about RM 317.98 (about 33%) per year. Judging that 18W CFL costs RM 10 and 12W LED about RM 40 (3x the price) and with 1 year warranty, the capital expenditure (CAPEX) doesn’t justify the savings made from operating expenditure (OPEX).


Lets assume that the 12W LED cost about RM 40 x 20 = RM 800. Electricity savings RM 317. You need 2½ years just to get back your capital of RM 800 but the warranty only lasts 1 year.


Even if the 12W LED Panel is sold at RM 20 x 20 units = RM 400. That’s just almost breaking even within the warranty period.


With eLED 2.5W, the savings is RM 821.46 (86%) per year, multiply that with 3 years warranty with a savings of RM 2,464.41 (Returns per eLED bulb is RM 120+) . This savings not even factoring the replacement cost of the 12W basic LED and 18W CFL.


We @ eLED hope that with the right knowledge, consumers can go green with products that actually saves the planet and their wallet too.


Come drop by our new showroom and talk to our consultants to find out how eLED can help you actually save money while doing our part in saving the planet.