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Guide to LED – Why isn’t eLED using the latest SMD like everyone else?

posted January 11, 2012

This was one of the earliest questions we asked ourselves here at eLED.

The answer after 2 years is still a strong NO.

There are many problems that comes with having a down light and LED (2 in 1) set such as: –


Things may sound nice when its a new house but what about existing houses? Doubt many would redo their entire plaster ceiling just to install LED, no matter how energy savings and even 10 years warranty, the costs of redoing the plaster ceiling and hassle is already absurd to even comprehend.


There is a reason why standard down light casings do not have springs on them and most  are never intended to be removed frequently. This is because: –

  1. Upon installation of every down light casings, there maybe touching ups (paint) to the ceiling. This paint will bind the casing and the plaster together. Removal will damage both.
  2. Plaster board is basically powder that is bonded together to form a paste which then hardens. It is not a rigid solid structure like wood and can easily crack. Standard down light casings uses pins that can be inserted to lock and removed to prevent any force acting upon the plaster board.

Now lets examine a typical LED down light 2 in 1.

  1. LED down light uses springs to hold it up. The spring (normally 2) needs to be strong / hard enough to hold the light and heavy heat sink.
  2. These same springs when removing can cause damage to the plaster board.

Repairing a cracked plaster ceiling is a nightmare especially when touch up paint vs existing old paint is of different shade of white. A very expensive and costly as well.

Note: Now many claim that the LED will last long, just the ballast which they can replace. How do you replace the ballast? don’t you need to take out the LED casing first to replace the ballast?

Non standard sizes

Many do not know that the LED down light casings isn’t standard size. This translates to a one way trip and a costly u-turn if one day you decide to go back to standard casings such as: –

  1. Selling and moving house, why leave the expensive LED lights behind or maybe the new owner doesn’t want it.
  2. Couldn’t find a replacement model or just fed up with LED products.

Either which way, it is very expensive to redo the plaster ceiling.


The above reasons is why eLED have always focused on delivering standard LED bulbs. Its easy to install, easy to use and you can have the flexibility of trying in different rooms. In the worse case scenario, you can always use back compact florescent lamps (CFL).

LEDs are meant to give you better quality of life, not being a slave to it. 

There are many that are cheaper than eLED products but is it really worth the hassle?