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Guide to LED – LED candle light bulb analysis

posted July 29, 2012

Guide to LED – LED candle light bulb analysis

The team here @ eLED are focused in not only delivering a quality candle light bulb but it must also be designed with elegance and beauty. Simply because candle light bulbs are used to light up the beautiful hanging lights that it is placed on.

What’s the point in using candle light bulbs that doesn’t do the beautiful hanging light justice?

There are many who owns beautiful hanging lights only to never switch on because it is too hot, too energy consuming, very easy for the bulbs to blow and changing it is a headache. Now with this eLED candle light bulb, all of these issues are no more.

But what makes eLED stand out better than other LED candle bulb? So lets examine the difference.

Now lets take a look at some of the common LED candle bulb designs in the market.

In addition to its beautiful and elegant design, eLED candle light bulbs come with 2 years warranty and can also be made dimmable on requests. It is 3W LED that generates up to 30W Incandescent light allows anyone to use their beautiful hanging light all the time.

Click here for more details on this amazing bulb.