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Guide to LED – In depth analysis into competitor LED bulbs

posted July 24, 2012

Guide to LED – In depth analysis into competitor LED bulbs

Many have tried LED light bulbs like the one above with disappointing results. Below are some of the reasons why : –

  1. Insufficient Brightness – Brightness is only equivalent to between 40W to 60W Incandescent or between 8W to 14W Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL). 18W CFL is equivalent to 100W Incandescent. Those that are using this LED to replace 18W CFL is in for a major disappointment as its never rated to be that bright to begin with. Only Philips / Panasonic / Koha and other major brands is honest enough to inform you that that the brightness is equivalent to 40W-60W incandescent.
  2. Frosted cap – This frosted cap reduces usable light travel to approx 5ft thus making it even dimmer than 60W clear Incandescent bulb. Inside each of these bulbs have 1W LED (7-9 pcs of LED), without using this frosted cap, it will be too sharp and damaging to the eyes, like a focused high powered torch light to your eyes. This frosted cap makes the light bulb looks super bright but the light travel will be about 5ft.
  3. Little energy savings – 11W to 7W (Saving of 4W or 36%) or 14W CFL to 9W LED (Saving of 5W or 36%) means very little for something that costs so much more compared to CFL.
  4. Little warranty – These bulbs is usually warrantied between 6 months to 1 year. The biggest failure of this product is the need of a heat sink (metal fins at the bottom of the frosted cap). Most people do not realize that this heat sink WILL NOT work properly when placed in a confined space like a down light. This causes the bulb to over heat and won’t last long.
  5. Auto Off – Some higher end models when these bulbs reaches a certain high temperature, it is designed to be switched off to preserve the inner electronics. Lights are usually switched on when it is needed, thus having lights that switches off by themselves is not practical.
  6. Non dimmable – This bulb will not be able to withstand the fluctuations on the power grid thus in areas that has unstable electricity, this bulb will prematurely fail.

Now lets compare with eLED 2.5W

D2703C-02 (2.5W, 240v)

The above eLED bulb is : –

  1. Super Brightness – 2.5W equivalent to 100W Incandescent or 18W compact florescent lamps.
  2. Super energy savings – 18W to 2.5W (Saving of 15.5W or 86%)
  3. Super warranty – 2 year (24 hrs) warranty. eLED bulbs runs cooler without the need for need for heat sink.
  4. Auto Off – There is no heat problem thus this is a non issue.
  5. Dimmable – eLED bulb able to support fluctuations in the power grid.

That’s the reason what makes eLED stand out from the rest. To complement this, there are other higher wattage eLED bulbs to cater for higher ceiling heights up to even 4 stories high ballrooms.

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