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Guide to LED – Common myths about LED

posted July 10, 2016

Guide to LED – Common myths about LED

There are many hype in regards to using LEDs such that it is very long lasting compared to incandescent or florescent lamps. This lead many to have faith and purchase LED products only to be bitterly disappointed.

The two key reasons why LEDs fail, which are: –

  1. Sub quality LEDs that has been tuned up (over driven) to compensate for its lack of brightness.
  2. Overheating issues due to poor heat dissipation in its design and inferior quality drivers.

DO NOT believe in any big claims of number of hours. Most of these LED components could be rated to be as high as 50,000 hours under ideal conditions but due to real life conditions such as heat, humidity and design of the final end product, it all bores down to the actual WARRANTY that is provided.

What’s the point in claiming big numbers when the warranty is only 6 months? 1 year?

1 year is 8760 hours, 50,000 hours translates to a warranty of 5.7 years!

This trend of low quality products from China has been for seen by the founders behind the eLED brand thus to stand a milestone apart, every eLED products have always been given a minimum 2 years (24 hours) warranty for any manufacture defects either LED or ballast.

The eLED tube light series has also been recently upgraded to 5 years. This is a testament of the quality that is built into each of the eLED product and the confidence that it will last.