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Guide to LED – Are all LEDs the same?

posted July 17, 2012

Guide to LED – Are all LEDs the same?

The answer is NO.

LEDs come in a variety of quality both in terms of the quality materials that is used AND the design.

These are some of the easiest way to determine if the LEDs are of quality: –

  • Older generation LEDs can’t produce pure white and is of bluish color.
  • Cheaper LEDs aren’t very bright.
Lets see the two photos below which is taken in the lift lobby of Wisma Selangor Dredging.
There is a competitor LED 5W that is already installed. Notice that the 50W halogen is so much brighter? (estimated about 50%) 

Now lets compare with eLED M06A (6W). Notice that the bright patch is actually both brighter and longer compared to the 50W halogen?

It is highly doubtful that the 1W difference between the competitor 5W and eLED 6W can make up for such a big difference.

In conclusion based on the photo above concludes three simple facts.

  • If its not bright enough, its basically useless no matter how low powered it is.
  • eLED products brightness rating is accurate as what is claimed unlike many other competitors.
  • Competitor LEDs could be cheaper but eLED products are brighter, longer warranty and lower powered 6W.

This translates to extremely huge power savings that is backed with 2 years warranty PLUS it is brighter than 50W halogen while using back the old halogen transformers. (No extra rewiring or ballast).