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Guide to LED – About LED flood lights

posted August 15, 2012

Guide to LED – About LED flood lights


There are many that complained why eLED led flood lights are so much more expensive than those that is sold at hardware and lighting shops. Actually eLED flood lights are the most economical in the long term but before that lets dig further about LED outdoor flood lights in the market.

There are 4 grades of LED outdoor flood lights 0, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years warranty. Most consumers think that since the flood lights are rarely switched on (only on occasion) even the 6 months warranty should last for years. This will be an expensive conclusion because once the LED flood light is installed, it is exposed to the environment i.e. Sun, rain and dust. Any outdoor devices starts to degrade as soon as its installed whether it is used 1hr in a year or 8000 hrs in a year.

The other issue about flood lights that many do not know is that China has 4 seasons while Malaysia is hell 364 days a year with temperatures hitting 40+ degrees Celsius. Those who purchase from China and install in Malaysia suffer from sealant leakage which leads to premature flood light transformer failure. A sealant used in China needs to withstand a wide temperature range for a short period of time whereas Malaysia is high temperature all year round.

Local companies could get the factories in China to use a better temperature tolerant sealant but the cost will be very high due to customization and the final problem is that the transformers that is used to power these flood lights are based on China’s 220v and not 240-260v here in Malaysia. (Transformer failures is usually experienced by those that use these flood lights for prolonged hours in a day)

Do note that whenever an outdoor flood light is faulty, clients will need to engage an electrician with a high ladder to change it. This of course will cost money as well. The survey done recently is RM80 for a 20W LED flood light with ZERO warranty.

Lets do some simple calculations, to replace this 20W zero warranty flood light once in 2 years (most optimistic) will cost RM 80 + RM 100 which comes to RM180, plus the original RM80 with a grand total of RM260. If it fails twice in 2 years, this number jumps by RM180 to RM 440 and so on.

In the end, the eLED outdoor flood light will definitely be more expensive than RM80 but it comes with 2 years warranty and is made for Malaysia’s weather and electricity standards.  Furthermore, compared side by side, eLED flood lights are much brighter as well thus giving more value for the money spent.

Why gamble on cheap products when there is a quality guaranteed brand like eLED?

It is the smarter choice, always.