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Appreciation Client

posted December 31, 2017

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Prices of LEDs and the cost to our future

posted November 15, 2017

As many have approached us in saying that LEDs will drop price with the economics of scale and that we should make the product cheaper for people to go green. Lets start with the following. Fluorescent then and now. A typical incandescent bulb currently sells for about RM 1.50 while fluorescent goes for about RM.....Read More

Guide to LED – Common myths about LED

posted July 10, 2016

There are many hype in regards to using LEDs such that it is very long lasting compared to incandescent or florescent lamps. This lead many to have faith and purchase LED products only to be bitterly disappointed. The two key reasons why LEDs fail, which are: – Sub quality LEDs that has been tuned up.....Read More

Brightness Report – T8 Lux Test

posted October 16, 2014

This is a LED lux comparison between eLED products against standard florescent lamps. This is the testing setup that was conducted. The light meter is placed at 60cm away from the light source and at the center of the 4ft light source as shown below. 1) 36W Florescent 4ft T8 (silver cap) : 465 lux 2) 36W.....Read More

LED Savings – How much do you actually save with LED?

posted September 18, 2014

  So how does this effect you? How much is it to run 20 down lights for 12 hours a day for a year? 18W CFL will cost RM 953.96 and 12W LED Panel RM 635.98 to run 12hrs per year. Using 12W LED savings is about RM 317.98 (about 33%) per year. Judging that 18W.....Read More

Guide to LED – LED Brightness

posted December 19, 2013

Many of us look for specifications to compare product to product. Lumens (a measurement of brightness) is one of them but unlike a typical light bulb which scatters light uniform in all directions (omni-directional), LED does not (uni-directional). So lets look at the things that effects brightness.   Light Distribution  The two photos on the.....Read More

Brightness Report – Competitor 9.5W LED Bulb

posted November 14, 2013

Lets compare eLED products with some of the products that is found in the market today. In this article we are comparing with a 9.5W branded LED bulb with the eLED 2.5W (D2703C-02). Below is the standard eLED test setup. The brightness  is in the photo taken below. The 9.5W branded LED bulb rated at.....Read More