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Energy Saving

Appreciation Client

posted December 31, 2017

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LED Savings – How much do you actually save with LED?

posted September 18, 2014

  So how does this effect you? How much is it to run 20 down lights for 12 hours a day for a year? 18W CFL will cost RM 953.96 and 12W LED Panel RM 635.98 to run 12hrs per year. Using 12W LED savings is about RM 317.98 (about 33%) per year. Judging that 18W.....Read More

What to expect in 2014 electricity bills

posted December 19, 2013

Electricity tariffs is going up by 15% in 2014 Lets calculate how much does this impact us. Assuming a typical terrace house with 40 lights, 30 of which are used 12 hours a day for a month at the current tariff of RM 0.454 per kWh (current highest). Numbers in bracket indicate the 15% increase.....Read More