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Can conventional halogen dimmers work with MR16 LED?

posted July 9, 2012

Can conventional halogen dimmers work with MR16 LED?

Many do not know that conventional dimmers (about RM60-RM400) are normally analog dimmers catered to dim halogen 50W.

There are two limitations with this setup.

  1. The analog dimmers are not sensitive enough to control the low powered LEDs such as the 3W, 6W and 9W.  Although it doesn’t damage the eLED MR16 or dimmer, it has very limited dimming capabilities.
  2. The standard 60W Osram or Philip transformers isn’t stable enough when dimmed to lower than 2W which causes the LED to flicker.
To resolve this issue, combine the following: –
  1. eLED MR16 Dimmer Switch (which is sensitive enough to provide controlled dimming from 30%-100%) 
  2. eLED 18W 12v Driver (which allows stability when dimmed to its lowest wattage) as shown below for best optimum result.
The best part of this combination is that it works perfectly for any other 12V non-dimmable MR16 LED brands available in the market, not limited to only eLED range of 12v MR16 products.