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Brightness Report – T8 Lux Test

posted October 16, 2014

Brightness Report – T8 Lux Test

This is a LED lux comparison between eLED products against standard florescent lamps. This is the testing setup that was conducted. The light meter is placed at 60cm away from the light source and at the center of the 4ft light source as shown below.

eLED Florescent Test Setup

1) 36W Florescent 4ft T8 (silver cap) : 465 lux

36W Normal T8

2) 36W Florescent 4ft T8 (Green Cap)  : 696 lux

40W Superbright T8

3) 8W eLED 4ft T8 (Green Series): 880 lux

8W eLED T8

4) 12W eLED 4ft T8 (Green Series) : 1278 lux

12W eLED T8

5) 18W eLED 4ft T8 (Basic Series) : 1020 lux


18W eLED T8  

A summary of the test: –

36W Florescent Silver Cap : 465 lux

40W Florescent Green Cap : 696 lux

8W eLED Green Series T8 : 880 lux

12W eLED Green Series T8 : 1278 lux

18W eLED Basic Series T8 :1020 lux



All eLED T8 are brighter than any florescent tubes as shown in the test in a single direction as in all LEDs. There are LEDs in the market that adds a diffuser to give a glow to mimic a wider than 180 degree angle of light but the lux beyond 180 degrees is still far from being able to compete with even basic florescent.

The eLED 18W basic series outperforms most competitor 18W (although specification wise looks similar) and even when compared to green cap ultra bright florescent. The basic series is ideal for areas of lighting that require a diffused glow of light >180 degrees or when used in a surface mounted casing. Usually for home uses or areas that require such soft lighting.

While the eLED 8W and 12W green series are primarily suited for offices, factories and even certain parts of the home when the light is required in a single direction such as for work purposes or when used in a recessed T8 casing. The green series has an added feature which allows the light to travel much further (clear casing) as compared to any frosted casing.

Note: Recessed casings limits the angle of light and rely on the reflectors to help bounce the light back. Depending on the reflector’s reflective efficiency, it should increase brightness of up to 30%.