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Brightness Report – eLED 2.5W

posted August 12, 2012

Brightness Report – eLED 2.5W


The 18W CFL that is commonly used serves as the baseline comparison between eLED and CFL for brightness comparisons. Below is the light set up to test the brightness of the 18W CFL. The CFL is placed in this orientation to mimic the horizontal down light casings like the one shown to the right.

The light metering device is placed 40cm away from the edge of the bulb.

The 18W brightness rating at 40cm is at 1116 lux which is the same as what is written on the bulb at 1100 lux.

Now to compare with the eLED 2.5W bulb. Below is the same test set up as the 18W CFL.

The brightness measured is at 1158 lux which is equivalent to the 18W CFL. Due to the frosted design of CFL bulbs, eLED bulbs will have better light penetration of up to 12ft as compared to CFL which is up to 5ft.