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Brightness Report – Competitor 9.5W LED Bulb

posted November 14, 2013

Brightness Report – Competitor 9.5W LED Bulb

Lets compare eLED products with some of the products that is found in the market today. In this article we are comparing with a 9.5W branded LED bulb with the eLED 2.5W (D2703C-02). Below is the standard eLED test setup.

The brightness  is in the photo taken below.

The 9.5W branded LED bulb rated at 1010 lux. Notice the uneven brightness (unable to travel far due to frosted cover).

Now lets compare with the eLED 2.5W (D2703C-02) or visit the brightness report here. Below is the same setup as the above.

The brightness is rated at 1169 lux or 150 lux brigher than the 9.5W branded LED bulb in the market.

Other differences include is that the 9.5W branded LED bulb is much hotter and generates soft light (frosted cover) which will not be able to illuminate above 5ft distance while saving only 8.5W or 50% when comparing with conventional 18W CFL.

The eLED 2.5W is much cooler, brighter, travels up to 11ft, comes with 2 years warranty and best of all, it is also dimmable.

This is one of the best seller product and its not surprising why.

(Update : As of 2013, the eLED 2.5W bulbs comes with 3 years warranty as a commitment to not only save electricity but also reduce waste by ensuring a longer product life)