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Brightness Report – Competitor 12W Down Light

posted September 29, 2012

Lets compare eLED products with some of the products that is found in the market today. In this article we are comparing with a 12W LED casing and bulb down light as shown below with the eLED 4.5W (D2704C-02). Notice the heavy heat sink design to dissipate the heat generated.

As with the normal setup with all our other brightness tests, this LED is placed 40cm from the light meter as shown below. This 12 x 1W LED (12W) is of a frosted design to provide a wider light angle. Without this frosted casing, this 1W LED has a very narrow light angle.

Below is a photo of the brightness reading.

The 12W brightness is rated at 1529 lux @ 40cm. Due to its frosted design, the light travel will be significantly reduce every meter of travel.

Now lets compare with the eLED 4.5W. Below is the same setup as the above.

The brightness for the eLED 4.5W is 2.28 klux which is 2280 lux or almost 50% brighter than the 12W compared.

As the 12W brightness is 1529 lux, it falls between the eLED 4.5W and the eLED 2.5W rated at 1100 lux (article here) which means that comparatively the 12W is equivalent to eLED 3W.

This means that comparing LED to LED, eLED products are 4x more energy saving (eLED 3W = Competitor 12W, eLED 2.5W = Competitor 10W, eLED 4.5W=Competitor 18W and so on)

eLED’s 4.5W is shown to be slightly brighter than 26W CFL (Savings of 83%), a competitor LED 18W with similar brightness with 26W CFL only saves 30%.

Other comparisons such as: –

– eLED easier maintenance of just bulb removal and using back existing casing while the competitor requires removal of casing and may cause damage to the plaster ceiling. Will be more expensive as clients may require an electrician to do a house visit to remove it (extra charges)

– eLED is dimmable and able to support up to 260v where competitor LED isn’t dimmable and as stated above, supports up to 240v. There are places in KL that TNB supplies up to 250v.

– eLED is warm while the competitor LED relies on heavy heat sinks. This neutralizes any air conditioning saving advantages.

– eLED uses standard casings and easily backward compatible in using back CFL bulbs where as competitor LED size may not be standard and design may change in the new future thus long term replacements is a big question.

– Price wise, the Competitor LED that we have tested costs more than the eLED 4.5W + most expensive off market casing + installation put altogether.

We here at eLED Malaysia are proud to show case the D2704C-02 (4.5W) and is why eLED is the number 1 LED brand in Malaysia.