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Asyhraf Nasir

How to Make Your House Feel Like a Vacation Home? (Dining Area)

posted October 14, 2020

What is the cheaper way to enjoy a 5-star restaurant experience? . . Let eLED answer your question: Turn your dining room into a 5-star eatery with fine-tuning in the lighting! With that, no matter you are eating RM4.60 or RM460 burger, the dining room settings will complete the picture of 5-star restaurant experience. So,.....Read More

What’s Wrong With My LED Lights?

posted October 7, 2020

Have you ever wonder: Why are my LED lights flickering? Why are my LED lights buzzing noise? Why my LED light isn’t bright? Why dimmer doesn’t work with my LED lights? . . With so many questions spinning around in your head, let eLED answers all your questions! . . Furthermore, if you encounter some.....Read More

How to Make Your House Feel Like a Vacation Home? – (Living Room)

posted October 1, 2020

IMAGINE You’ve been staying in a beautiful hotel overlooking a tropical oasis, a secluded shack with its own private beach, or a ski lodge that looks straight out of a magazine. . . THEN You walk into your front door only to see a living room littered with toys, a kitchen that only reminds you.....Read More

3 Tips On Choosing LED Light

posted September 22, 2020

“Use LED right, make future bright.”  e-LED Solutions. Here reigns the beginning of a marvelous discovery that is the latest generation of light bulb, LED. The LED is catching consumers’ eyes these days because of it’s long life, energy efficiency, high brightness and intensity, exceptional color range, and low radiated heat. However, do you know how.....Read More