e-LED Solutions was founded in 2010. The company’s vision to giving all Malaysian’s the best LED products in terms of energy efficiency and durability possible under the brand eLED. The company was awarded the fastest moving company in 2014.

With over 5,000 homes, offices, retail outlets, factories and hotels in their portfolio through the 8 years, our team which are all professionally trained and highly experienced in the art of lighting, in depth LED product knowledge and technical skills. All of whom are eagerly waiting to assist any client in making their dream home a reality.

A testament to our commitment for excellence in both product and service, e-LED Solutions is awarded the SME100 Award for the fastest growing company of 2014. An award winning LED company that all Malaysians can be proud of.

Let’s Save Our Planet, Start From Green Energy !!!


Why eLED

To be the best, it takes passion, determination and vision.

So lets start with the eLED™ philosophy behind every product. Each and every eLED product needs to full fill 4 simple criteria: –

  1. Every product must have a minimum of 2 years warranty (24 hrs) .
  2. Energy saving must be 75% over florescent technology and 95% over incandescent.
  3. Must be hassle free in both installation and maintenance.
  4. Brightness must be equivalent or better

So lets compare the eLED™ product against the common 18W Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL) or 100W Incandescent : –

  • Replaced with 2.5W eLED bulb (84% savings compared to CFL, 97.5% over incandescent)
  • Dimmable and only gets warm to the touch even inside an enclosed casing (Cooler and voltage tolerant, capable of withstanding 2 years 24hrs usage)
  • Comes in standard E27 or PLC socket (easy to install, just remove the old and put in the new)
  • 180° wide angle and better light penetration (performs better than CFL and Incandescent)

To add on more to the eLED™ brand experience, we have our passionate lighting specialists with vast experiences in designing lighting for both housing and commercial projects on standby to assist you for free and a dedicated installation team to give further assurances to any problems that may occur in using any eLED™ products.

Lighting consultants, quality LED products and strong technical support makes up the eLED™ brand experience.

Best part is, eLED™ products are also affordable.

It is through this mix that drives the whole eLED™ team and be the leader in both product and service, now and in the future.

A brand that Malaysians can be proud of.


Why Choose Us

Sustainability and going green are two key factors that will determine the future of our children. In ensuring our future remains bright,  e-LED Solutions Sdn Bhd was formed in mid 2010  with the sole purpose to help everyone to go green, by providing quality LED products and services under the brand name eLED.

eLED products are designed by Malaysian professionals that brings together their experience in creating LED products that is not only of top quality (comes with a minimum 2 year warranty) but also efficient (lowest wattage), effective (brighter), hassle free installation (plug and play) and maintenance.

In addition to the quality products, eLED also provides lighting consultations and after sales service such as on site warranty claims to help give a hollistic professional green solution. Lets brighten our children’s future by going green with eLED. The trusted brand in energy saving, practicality and economy.


Using eLED 2.5W to replace the 18W CFL or 100W incandescant, a savings of over 75% makes eLED the market leader in electricity savings.


Only the best driver and LEDs goes into each product. In doing so, it is no surprise that each eLED products come with a minimum 2 year warranty.


Its designed to also be efficient to maximize brightness, allowing only 2.5W to replace 18W CFL while having better light travel.

Comes in standard sockets (E27 / PLC) its as simple as replacing a bulb. No extra wiring required and no hassle in terms of maintenance.


eLED products are compliant with RoHS standards to ensure no hazardous materials are used in its construction. In addition to that, the products are also lower heat (efficient) and a guaranteed longer lifespan further reduces waste ensuring a brighter future for all.