e-LED Solutions is founded in 2010 by Adrian and Jacky with the dream of giving all Malaysian’s the best LED products in terms of energy efficiency and durability possible under the brand eLED. In 2013, Jaron and Joyce came into the team to help grow the company and was awarded the fastest moving company in 2014. In August 2017, Jacky and Adrian both left eLED to pursue another eco venture and eLED is now taken cared by the remaining partners Joyce and Jaron.

With over 2,000 homes, offices, retail outlets, factories and hotels in their portfolio through the 5 years, our team which are all professionally trained and highly experienced in the art of lighting, in depth LED product knowledge and technical skills. All of whom are eagerly waiting to assist any client in making their dream home a reality.

A testament to our commitment for excellence in both product and service, e-LED Solutions is awarded the SME100 Award for the fastest growing company of 2014. An award winning LED company that all Malaysians can be proud of.

eLED, lighting the way forward.