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Basic Series

Basic Series (For those seeking low cost LEDs)

The more affordable range so that anyone can go green. Average savings of 50% and with a 3 year warranty. Click for more info.

Vertical Lighting

Green Series (The ultimate in energy saving LEDs)

Showcases the true potential of what LED is all about. Average savings of 80% and with a 3 year warranty. Click for more info.

HB140A (1350×1200)

Project Series (For factories and warehouse lighting)

The perfect solution for large area lighting. Click for more products in this series.

C-24144-01-24-I (1350×1200)

LED Accessories (Products that compliments the LED series)

Lists the range of accessories that has been tested to certified with eLED range of products. Click for more info.


We Offer

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eLED (Lighting Specialist)

Professional consultants are here to help light up your dream home with quality LED products with 3 years warranty and savings of over 86%


Interior Design (SkyCreation of Singapore)

Brought to you by certified green interior designers from Singapore. Led by the green guru himself Mr Astley Ng.


Plaster Ceiling (Timeless Design)

Elegant designs coupled with quality workmanship and materials that is safe and durable.


Electrical Works (Reliable and safe)

Quality electrical works with experienced electricians to ensure the wiring is safe and conforms to standard wiring practices.

Himmel Kuche Modular Kitchen System

Himmel Kuche (Modular Kitchen Cabinet System)

Quality kitchen design and build by Singapore green standards.


Renovation Works (Building your dream home)

Building or modifying any dream home perfectly and hassle free.

Why choose us ?

Using eLED 2.5W to replace the 18W CFL or 100W incandescant, a savings of over 75% makes eLED the market leader in electricity savings.
Only the best driver and LEDs goes into each product. In doing so, it is no surprise that each eLED products come with a minimum 2 year warranty.
Its designed to also be efficient to maximize brightness, allowing only 2.5W to replace 18W CFL while having better light travel.
eLED products are compliant with RoHS standards to ensure no hazardous materials are used in its construction.


Recent Events

In our events, we take opportunity to share our commercial grade green series LEDs to all Malaysians.

eLED Malyasia - Lightning the way forward

Prices of LEDs and the cost to our future

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eLED Malyasia - Lightning the way forward

Sea Level Rising at least 5 meters

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eLED Malyasia - Lightning the way forward

LED Savings – Which will save more? eLED or other brands?

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SME100 Fastest Moving Company Award 2014

SME100 Fastest Moving Company Award 2014

posted December 11, 2014

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