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Prices of LEDs and the cost to our future

posted June 15, 2015

As many have approached us in saying that LEDs will drop price with the economics of scale and that we should make the product cheaper for people to go green. Lets start with the following. Fluorescent then and now. A typical incandescent bulb currently sells for about RM 1.50 while fluorescent goes for about RM.....Read More

Sea Level Rising at least 5 meters

posted June 13, 2015

Latest numbers show at least 5 metres sea-level rise locked in 10 June 2015 by Michael Le Page It’s too late to stop the seas rising at least 5 metres and only fast, drastic action will avert a 20-metre rise, New Scientist calculates based on recent studies   Still dreaming of that seaside villa? (Image: Francesco Zizola/Eyevine) WHATEVER we.....Read More

LED Savings – Which will save more? eLED or other brands?

posted May 17, 2015

Lets find out more about LED savings. In 3 years time, will cheaper LEDs save more compared to eLED’s products? Lets look deeper and determine which will save more. Below is a table where each product is broken down in terms of: – 1. Warranty. 2. Number of replacements (worse case) & amount of waste......Read More

SME100 Fastest Moving Company Award 2014

posted December 11, 2014

Awarded the prestigious SME100 Fastest Moving Company Award 2014. Organized by the leading business magazine SME Magazine together with SAMANTA, Credit Bureau Malaysia and Cheng & Co Chartered Accountants as the official auditors has filtered 690 nominees down to the outstanding 100 companies. eLED is proud to have been recognized by receiving this award. A testament.....Read More

Brightness Report – T8 Lux Test

posted October 16, 2014

This is a LED lux comparison between eLED products against standard florescent lamps. This is the testing setup that was conducted. The light meter is placed at 60cm away from the light source and at the center of the 4ft light source as shown below. 1) 36W Florescent 4ft T8 (silver cap) : 465 lux 2) 36W.....Read More

LED Savings – How much do you actually save with LED?

posted September 18, 2014

  GST will increase electricity in 2015 by 6% for rates above 200 units. So how does this effect you? How much is it to run 20 down lights for 12 hours a day for a year? (refer to attached photo) 18W CFL will cost RM 953.96 and 12W LED Panel RM 635.98 to run.....Read More

eLED Showroom Library

posted September 7, 2014

As eLED approaches its 5th year, with continued support from our clients, partners, suppliers, friends and families, we are proud to launch our new showroom. This new showroom is not only an led showcase lighting  but will also showcase our extended range of products and services namely the Himmel Kuche modular kitchen system and Green.....Read More

REX Expo @ Mid Valley on 18th-20th April 2014

posted April 24, 2014

eLED Malaysia just completed REX Expo @ Mid Valley on 18th-20th April 2014. The eLED team would like to thank our many clients as well as partners in making this event a success. Many thanks goes to SkyCreation and their team for their assistance in providing on site interior design support to help our clients.....Read More

Perfect Livin @ PWTC 3rd – 6th April 2014

posted April 7, 2014

eLED Malaysia started the new year with the Perfect Livin fair @ PWTC and would like to thank the wonderful response from all our clients as well as the continued support of our sponsors. This event, eLED would like to thank SkyCreation based in Singapore for their support in providing special Interior Design packages for.....Read More

What to expect in 2014 electricity bills

posted December 19, 2013

Electricity tariffs is going up by 15% in 2014 Lets calculate how much does this impact us. Assuming a typical terrace house with 40 lights, 30 of which are used 12 hours a day for a month at the current tariff of RM 0.454 per kWh (current highest). Numbers in bracket indicate the 15% increase.....Read More