Vitacare Pharmacy @ Citta Mall (LED Projects)


Retail Lighting


Vitacare Pharmacy engaged eLED to analyse the existing lighting and propose various solutions that is both cost effective, resolves any brightness issues while saving over 85% of electricity. This is one of our favorite LED Projects to date as it helps showcases eLED’s ingenuity in giving cost effective solutions to their problems. Helping to save in electricity while saving the environment at the same time.

As this outlet is already in operation, there can’t be any major changes to the ceiling that require the outlet to be closed. With that in mind, eLED has devised the perfect solution in resolving their lighting problems while keeping cost as efficient as possible without disrupting operations.

Ideally the light placements can be refined to better highlight the product isle, this option can be considered during the next major renovation to this outlet. The eLED lights that is currently used will be compatible with any future renovations.

Through our analysis, changing the current spotlight by reusing back their existing casing (modification from 35W CDMT to E27 standard screw socket) and using a mixture of 140° and 60° eLED 4.5W, we are able to cut electricity usage by 88.5% while boosting the brightness 200-240%.

This brightness improvement is achieved without changing other non critical lights such as the eyeball spot lights and cove lighting.

Before and After Photos (LED Projects)

Below are the images that are taken with a Nikon dSLR on manual setting, f/4.5, 1/60s and ISO-800.

The front of the outlet that highlights the pharmacy counter. This area is deemed insufficient brightness to highlight the products as well as for the pharmacist to dispense medications.

LED Projects - Vitacare Pharmacy 1 (Before 600x400)

Before Changes

LED Projects - Vitacare Pharmacy 1 (After 600x400)

After Changes

The pharmacist working area has improved from 172 lux to 358 lux and product display improved from 89 lux to 191 lux.


LED Projects - Vitacare Pharmacy 2 (Before 600x400)

Before Changes

LED Projects - Vitacare Pharmacy 2 (After 600x400)

After Changes


LED Projects - Vitacare Pharmacy 3 (before 600x400)

Before Changes

LED Projects - Vitacare Pharmacy 3 (After 600x400)

After Changes