Eco Friend @ Kenang Wholesale City (KWC) (LED Projects)

eLED Malaysia had the honor in designing, providing and installing the lights for ECOFriend‘s showroom @ Kenaga Wholesale City of (KWC). This is an LED projects for a retail outlet that specializes also on green environmentally friendly products. The ideal combination.

Below are the photos of the ECOFriend. Retail lighting seems easy but in actual fact can be very technical. The original contractor that provided the lighting did an ad-hoc type of patch job where they’ll put up the basic lighting such as hi-bay lamps and then put track lights all over. When its insufficient, the contractor ended up placing 2 20W LED spotlights.

The concept of retail lighting is less is better which means each light has its particular job. The hi-bay lights are for overall general brightness and the spot lights are used to bring out the products. The ratio of lux between product and general should be a ratio of not more than 5:1 . A product display should reach up to 400-500 lux while the walkways should be not less than 100 lux in order to see the products as highlighted.

Photos (LED Projects)

LED Projects - EcoFriend Klang

Cabinet lighting using LED strip. Working together with the carpenter, all wiring work is carefully concealed but yet remained easily accessible for maintenance.

LED Projects - EcoFriend Klang

An overall view of the entire shop lighting.  For all the lights used in this outlet, the monthly energy bill is about RM 100.00! The owners of ECOFriend was so impressed with this savings that eLED Malaysia is tasked to do the lighting for their 2nd branch in GM Klang.