Guide to LED

Lists articles that shares in depth knowledge on the LED world and products  

Guide to LED – Introduction to LEDs

What is LEDs? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. A diode is an electrical component that restrict current flow to only one single direction. This means that if an LED is placed incorrectly, it won’t light up. The only difference is that LEDs generates light compared to a normal diode. For more in depth information […]

Guide to LED – Common myths about LED

There are many hype in regards to using LEDs such that it is very long lasting compared to incandescent or florescent lamps. This lead many to have faith and purchase LED products only to be bitterly disappointed. The two key reasons why LEDs fail, which are: – Sub quality LEDs that has been tuned up […]

Prices of LEDs and the cost to our future

As many have approached us in saying that LEDs will drop price with the economics of scale and that we should make the product cheaper for people to go green. Lets start with the following. Fluorescent then and now. A typical incandescent bulb currently sells for about RM 1.50 while fluorescent goes for about RM […]

LED Savings – Which will save more? eLED or other brands?

Lets find out more about LED savings. In 3 years time, will cheaper LEDs save more compared to eLED’s products? Lets look deeper and determine which will save more. Below is a table where each product is broken down in terms of: – 1. Warranty. 2. Number of replacements (worse case) & amount of waste. […]

Guide to LED – LED Brightness

Many of us look for specifications to compare product to product. Lumens (a measurement of brightness) is one of them but unlike a typical light bulb which scatters light uniform in all directions (omni-directional), LED does not (uni-directional). So lets look at the things that effects brightness.   Light Distribution  The two photos on the […]

Guide to LED – About LED flood lights

 SP50A-02 There are many that complained why eLED led flood lights are so much more expensive than those that is sold at hardware and lighting shops. Actually eLED flood lights are the most economical in the long term but before that lets dig further about LED outdoor flood lights in the market. There are 4 grades […]

Guide to LED – LED candle light bulb analysis

The team here @ eLED are focused in not only delivering a quality candle light bulb but it must also be designed with elegance and beauty. Simply because candle light bulbs are used to light up the beautiful hanging lights that it is placed on. What’s the point in using candle light bulbs that doesn’t […]

Guide to LED – In depth analysis into competitor LED bulbs

Many have tried LED light bulbs like the one above with disappointing results. Below are some of the reasons why : – Insufficient Brightness – Brightness is only equivalent to between 40W to 60W Incandescent or between 8W to 14W Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL). 18W CFL is equivalent to 100W Incandescent. Those that are using […]

Guide to LED – The 3 generations of light bulbs

Lets start from the beginning, Incandescent lighting Incandescent lighting is the first generation light bulb, it uses a filament that is heated up to the point that it glows thus producing light. Below are the benefits of incandescent lighting: – Light output is sharp, good for reading. Dimmable The downside are : – High energy consumption […]

Guide to LED – Are all LEDs the same?

The answer is NO. LEDs come in a variety of quality both in terms of the quality materials that is used AND the design. These are some of the easiest way to determine if the LEDs are of quality: – Older generation LEDs can’t produce pure white and is of bluish color. Cheaper LEDs aren’t […]